1. Test Lab Amsterdam was founded (in February 2012) with the aim of conducting a chemotype survey of all Cannabis varieties. Chemotypes (or chemovars) are specific cannabinoid combinations. Chemotype prints are found to be consistent and mainly genetically determined, which makes testing significantly more worthwhile! It opens the way for all research projects and medicinal uses of Cannabis, which require a consistently reproducible chemotype.

2. Test Lab Amsterdam obtained results from testing samples of a wide range of species from every corner of the world, the results have been not only surprising but also sensational. The discoveries and revelations and the background information to our discoveries are incorporated in our workshops and offered to various target groups: doctors/pharmacists, patients, research institutes, local authorities and all sector related stakeholders.

3. Test Lab Amsterdam keeps a close eye on both national and international scientific advances in the field of Cannabis research. The social developments reflected in reports and publications by government agencies and parastatal organisations (Trimbos, Jellinek, Drugs Advice Bureau, Cannabis File 2008, RIVM, TNO, WHO, Institute of Medicine, IACM, etc.) are carefully studied, summarised and incorporated in our education programmes and workshops.

4. Test Lab Amsterdam encourages collaboration between universities, research institutes and organisations, Drugs Advice Bureau, medicinal Cannabis organisations, associations representing patients in the Netherlands and the US, Green Nature, eight charitable funds and compassionate clubs.