JUNE 2013


We specialise in cannabinoid fingerprinting, i.e. profiling Cannabis varieties and derived products (matrices) such as oil, hashish, tincture, whole trichome fractions (WTF) and the analysis of all medical Cannabis strains. We can also provide reliable indications of strength differences and potency differences between species, as we have five years’ experience of conducting over 15,000 analyses of Cannabis samples, with corresponding numbers of chemotypes and sub-chemotypes. The latter vary in the levels of cannabinoids present.

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JUNE 2013


You send us a sample by mail or courier using the TLA KIT we provide. 0.1g of the species is weighed out in the case of Cannabis, or 0.05g in the case of Hash. Products containing Cannabis or Hash can also be tested: cake, confectionery, biscuits, ice cream, oil, etc. The test plates are developed in the laboratory and the cannabinoid levels measured. The category/chemotype of the species being tested is determined, along with the expected effect. A certificate or analysis report (ARS) – as required – is drawn up, containing as standard:

-Species name/common name.
-HR photograph of species.
-Print of test plate showing cannabinoid spots and levels.
-Expected effects, mental and physiological.

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JUNE 2013


The TLA gender test checks the genetics for male/female properties based on chemotyping and variations in the existing list of chemotypes. In this way we can determine whether the plant could be male or female, enabling us to offer a clear indication of gender.

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JUNE 2013


Test Lab Genetics is currently in preparation. We try to identify all the chemotype-specific genetics with an eye to the variations in existing cannabinoid spectra. Different cannabinoid groups have different medicinal effects. Our focus is not on the psychoactive high of THC but the medicinal action of CBD-CBDV-THCV-CBN-CBG and CBC. This enables us, based on the tests carried out, to create genetics with an extremely high level of the cannabinoids required from the above cannabinoid series. Specific hybrid genetics for medicinal purposes.

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