mission & vision


Test Lab Amsterdam is very ambitious. Rightly so, given that our unique, standardised TLA methodology and our low-cost bioassay method for pesticide residues enable every facet of the Cannabis plant to be investigated. The agronomical, pharmacological, botanical and chemotype aspects of Cannabis are now literally available for the asking. GC and HPLC analyses are normally expensive and time-consuming, but thanks to the TLA concept they are now within everyone’s reach.


Test Lab Amsterdam conducts routine screening tests on all Cannabis and Cannabis related products. Identifying and classifying all Cannabis varieties in the Netherlands and the rest of the world based on chemotype, strength and potency.


1- Investigate the agronomy, pharmacology, pharmaceutics and phytochemistry of specific chemovars.
2- Introduction of an affordable and accessible quality & safety system.
3- Research, development, education and information.